Below you will find a few selected links to find your way around the Bluegrass scene and links that have a particular relevance to Sore Fingers Summer Schools. These include references to organistions, companies or festivals that have provided sponsorship to enable us to bring young people to Sore Fingers.

Sore Fingers

Kingham Hill School
The beautiful school that is becoming known as "Hogwirtz".


A number of individuals and companies have provided Sore Fingers Summer School with financial assistance to help young people to attend Sore Fingers Week. Here are links to the organisations currently active.

Phil Davidson has been making instruments for twenty five years and prides himself in very high standards of workmanship whilst keeping the prices afordable. Phil will be displaying a selection of his instruments at Sore Fingers Week 2011! Phil has been a consistent sponsor to Sore Fingers and his most recent donation consisted of a mandolin from his current range of quality instruments which was awarded as second prize in the 2010 Didmarton Bluegrass Festival Raffle. All proceeds of the Didmarton Raffle go towards funding young people to attend Sore Fingers Week.

D'Addario is a major manaufacturer and supplier of strings and accessories. Sore Fingers Summer Schools are proud of this association, the first with a major company with a worldwide reputation for quality.

European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA)
The EBMA work to promote Bluegrass music across Europe and have supported SFSS by assisting students from outside of the UK to attend the event.

Gower Bluegrass
Gower Bluegrass is headed up by the irrepressible Roland Emmanuel. He and his small team of devotees run the Gower Bluegrass Festival and a number of activities across South Wales. Picking sessions for experienced and beginner players, workshop and learning days and help promote Bluegrass and Old Time concerts collaborating with local arts centres and venues. Any surpluses generated are re-invested into the music and Gower Bluegrass have sponsored several young musicians to attend Sore Fingers Week.

BBMA British Bluegrass Music Association
The British Bluegrass Music Association is the organisation representing the interests of Bluegrass players and fans in the UK. Over many years, the association has been a keen supporter of Sore Fingers Summer Schools sponsoring many young players who otherwise wouldn't have been able to experience the event and gain from it's benifits.