Sore Fingers Week 2017 - Update Dec 16

11th Dec 2016

As 2016 fades into the history books, we have had a few tutor shifts and changes.

unately, both Todd Phillips and Chris Coole have had to postpone their visits to the UK due to circumstances beyond their control. However, we quickly entered into negotiations to find worthy replacement tutors for you.

We should be able to confirm the great and wonderful Mark Shatz as the Bass tutor as we are in the final throws of the negotiation. He’s just got to check some final scheduling.
We have an enquiry out with Bard Leftwich for O.T. Banjo. Brad came over a few years ago with “Tom, Brad and Alice” and delighted us all with his musicianship. So, I hope to get a reply very soon. We have other great players on the back burner if he can’t make it.

We have secured the services of John Reischman to teach Mandolin. What can I say? The man is just a genius and has the best tone in the business. And he’s a hell of nice man too! I’ll get his bio info up within the next few days.

All the building works at the school were completed by the time we took possession for the October weekend and things are looking good with a completely refurbished library and new toilets in Top School. Our operations will revert to normal this year.

That with the rest of the fantastic line up we’ve got for you should set your mouth watering for Easter 17. We have noted that bookings are up on the levels at this time last year so to make sure you get the courses you want, please don’t delay getting your forms and deposits in. All details on the website

If we don’t post any more press releases before the end of the year, may we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And, whatever you though t of 2016 – except for S.F.Week because that was brilliant! – 2017 has got to be better! Whatever happens, S.F.Week is the place to escape all the bad news.

See you very soon

John, Moira and the Team

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