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21st Jan 2017

More Sore Fingers news!

The event gets ever closer and we are pleased to announce we have finally secured the services of an Old Time Banjo tutor. John Herrmann, highly recommended by our good friend Bruce Molsky is filling the spot! The tutor line up is complete, at last….
Ned Luberecki (Banjo), John Reischmann (Mandolin), Sammy Lind (Old Time Fiddle) and Ron Block’s (Advanced Guitar) classes are now full so we have recruited some hot musicians to run second classes.
On guitar, Tyler Grant has been advertised for some time for those not wishing to get into the high flyers in the advanced class. The amazing Rex Preston is running the second Mandolin class, Bill Forster, the Banjo Player England lost to Ireland some years ago, will be taking the second banjo class – you are in for a treat, he’s fabulous! Jock Tyldesley will take the second Old Time Fiddle class and Jock needs no introduction to S.F.Week.
Finally, Percy Copley has been flying the flag for the Ukulele for the last two years and we think it’s time to bring another tutor and a different perspective. The talented Phil Doleman will attend for the last two days and give Percy some relief. Phil is used to being outside of his comfort zone having recently come back from a Blues Camp where the Uke was viewed with some scepticism. He’ll walk this one, the Bluegrass players are a walk over.
Check out the website for tutors info and links to their websites.
Classes are now filling up and we only have a limited amount of full board accommodation, so if you wish to experience Sore Fingers Week in comfort, better get on with booking your place!
Look forward to hearing from you.
John, Moira and the Team

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