News re WiFi at Kingham Hill School, for S.F.Week

25th Feb 2017

The School have been obliged to restrict their wireless network under new rules appertaining to the protection of minors. We must remember Sore Fingers Week takes place in a school!

Their internet is already well protected and the school boarders and students can only access a limited range of websites from school computers.

The problem is that more and more people have powerful mobile devices that can access the Internet independently and by-pass any restriction imposed by the school.

So, the new rules prescribe that all mobile and portable devices brought into the school and required to connect to their wireless network have to be registered.

You can imagine this would be quite difficult for us to do and an admin task we just do not have the resources to manage.

The message in short is that there will not be open wireless internet access at Kingham from this year.

Any of you who have an essential need for internet access during Sore Fingers will need to make alternative arrangements and ensure you have your own wireless broadband system or other device capable of connecting directly without using the school’s network

If your employer requires you connect they should provide you with the necessary equipment. If it’s personal requirement, you can buy pay as you go Mobile Broadband dongles which are relatively good value. I suspect most of you will be able to use your smart phones!

You have been warned!

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