Early 2018 News

8th Jan 2018


y New Year to everyone in Sore Fingers Land
A new year brings you some news, tutors and other things…

So let’s start with some broadcast news:

Since the middle of 2017, Jason Titley has been presenting two radio shows on Spectrum Internet Radio -
One is on a Tuesdays evenings 7 to 8pm. Jase plays lots of Bluegrass and other things and the real bonus is that every show is archived on a site called mixcloud -
Just type “Jason Titley” in the search box and all the shows come up!
The other show is a guest show and that’s scheduled on Thursdays. He invites a “personality” to play the music of their years. Show goes out 7 to 9pm. Same thing, the shows are all archived on mixcloud as explained above.
On Thursday 11th January, Jason has been crazy enough to invite me to do my bit! So, if you want to know what I’ve like in the past, come along and listen.

Tutor News

So what of Sore Fingers Week? Well it’s happening in 2018, 2nd to 6th April.
We have a few tutor changes to announce.

Alex Hargreaves has had to withdraw and we are actively looking for a replacement. It’s likely Alex will be with us in 2019 now but Teaching Bluegrass Fiddle. Tutor will be announced as soon as we know.

Courtney Hartman guitar class is now full but Ron Block is going to be in England on business at about the right time. So, we asked him if he’d take the overflow class. He’s agreed and we are really pleased to welcome Ron back for the third time running. You just can’t keep these great musicians down!

Class Bookings

We’ve still got some time to go and classes that could with a boost in students are Bluegrass Fiddle, Dobro, Bass and Ukulele. Of course, we’ll need a load more guitarist as well but Ron already has five students.

Now, where have all the beginners gone? We only have a total six and we used to get upwards of twenty enthusiastic picker in there! Do remember, Sore Fingers week is a place of learning, you don’t have to be good to go there!!! For beginners, this is the one place to kick start your musicianship. You will be surrounded by people just like you, who are struggling alone. Well no need anymore, Percy Copley and Eleanor Wilkie are there to help.


Do remember we haven’t got a limitless supply of beds at Kingham and we have been running out of dorm accommodation in recent years. So, if you want to make sure you get a bed, better get that booking form in.
We still have plenty of camping and caravan/motorhome spaces though.

So, that’s all for now. See you all soon just 83 days to go! Where did you hear that before….

John, Moira and the team

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