S.F.Week Student Concert

12th Mar 2018

Sore Fingers Week is rapidly approaching now and we’d like to remind you about one of the highlights of the week, the Sore Fingers Student Concert.

This where, you, the students get to show off the skills you have learned in class. You get to perform on a fully fitted stage with lights and a professional sound system. It’s pretty close to playing in a proper theatre!

But none of it happens by magic! You will be formed into bands and mentored by our able team of scratch band tutors who will coach you and mentor you to help you get the absolute best out this opportunity. If you’ve never experienced playing in band, this a chance not to be missed. Every year, we are amazed at how well everybody does and we get such a warm feeling watching the smiles after bands come off stage. It’s a real uplifting experience and one which is pretty unique to Sore Fingers Week.

As a promoter, I would have no hesitation in charging the general public to come to this concert, it’s one of the best of the year!

How does one enter? Well it’s easy. On arrival at Sore Fingers Week, you need to register with the main desk and get directions to your accommodation, but right next to the registration point, our Scratch Band tutors will be ready to sign you up and begin the process of forming you into suitable band line ups.
But, you can save us a little time by signing up early. It’s real easy:

Send an email to with “Scratch Bands” in the subject line and answer the following questions:


Instrument(s) played:
Do you sing?: Yes/No (delete as required)
Have you played in the Student Concert Before?: Yes/No (delete as required)
Are you already in a band outside of Sore Fingers?: Yes/No (delete as required)

And that’s it, you’re in!

Remember the concert will be expertly recorded by our professional sound engineers and a double CD is released of the whole thing. These are sold to order and forms will be available at the event. This is a real memory that you can treasure for ever to remind you of what a great time you had at Sore Fingers Week.

Best wishes and see you soon

John and the Team

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