Sore Fingers October Weekend 2018

11th Sep 2018

Although the summer holiday season is drawing to a close it’s a joy to see there are still several Bluegrass and Old Time events going on throughout the country. This is a remarkable change from the bad old days when so few events occurred where we could hear and play with other enthusiasts. It is a tribute to those who have made it possible by innovating and supporting the scene so enthusiastically.

Taking us well into the autumn, SORE FINGERS OCTOBER WEEKEND happens 19th to 21st Oct, 2018. Another stellar line up of players are booked in to teach you some of the finer points of Old Time and Bluegrass playing. Our pool of October tutors is recruited mainly from the UK scene. Many of you will have seen some of them at close quarters on stage at various festivals and venues across the country where their commitment to the art has been well demonstrated in some memorable performances.
To save you a trip to the website, here’s a listing of the top notch tutors engaged to teach at the October Weekend this year:

BLUEGRASS BANJO - Percy Copley, MANDOLIN - Evan Davies, DOBRO - Martin Froud, AUTOHARP - Lynn Jones, OLD TIME FIDDLE - Gabrielle McCrae, SINGING - Sue Pomeroy and Ishani Siriwardena, GUITAR - Andy Quelch, BASS - Sam Rose, OLD TIME BANJO - Barry Southern, BLUEGRASS FIDDLE - Eleanor Wilkie.

Full bios are on the website if you want to know a little more about them.

Most classes are booking well with a few spaces still to spare but there are always one or two that need a bit of a boost. To balance things up, we could do with a few more for Autoharp, Bass, Bluegrass Fiddle and Old Time Fiddle.

All bookings for all classes are most welcome and you can pick up a booking form from this link: Or, if that doesn’t work try John on 07814 535106 or Moira on 07480 864947 if you need to speak to us.

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