About time we did this?

4th Apr 2019

Just realised that after twenty four years of doing this, we never sent out a list of things you ought to bring for classes:

So here goes:

You will need:
- Your instrument! (Don't laugh someone did forget theirs once!)
- Picks (plectrums),
- Spare strings (though we will have some on sale),
- A strap so you can play standing up (In class you will be seated for most of the sessions)
- A note book, pencil, eraser and perhaps a couple of coloured pens
- A music stand is also very useful as the tutor will issue TAB.
- An electronic tuner or failing that a tuning fork.
- A small instrument stand is handy for when you leave class to go for tea breaks etc.

And please bring some clothes and a at least a bar of soap!
On a serious note, we don't provide towels!

And, we will have a small stock of strings on sale kindly supplied to SFSS by our sponsors D'Addario. These will be on sale at the merch stall and please BUY, because, all profits will go towards the youth fund!

The Captain

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