Easter 2020:

20th Nov 2019

At the recent October weekend we ran a pilot called the “Improvisation” class. All those attending were asked to feedback on the experience and we are pleased to say that the comments have been overwhelmingly positive.

So, we need to thank Andy MacKenzie, the tutor and Trevor Hyett the instigator for their vision. And of course, those faithful students who took the plunge into the unknown and discovered a world of opportunity and creativity. Thanks for helping us by sending your feed-back. The lines are still open for anyone who hasn’t yet sent in an appraisal.

It didn’t take long to decide to extend this class to a five day next Easter and the three of us a re meting to discuss the development of this course and how to make it totally relevant to our students. Basically, those who have attended many instrumental courses will have acquired many skills on their instruments and the natural path to “greatness”, is to develop the skills to play more inspiring music.

A daunting prospect? Well don’t be fooled that you need to become a Jazz player or need a in depth knowledge of music theory to achieve this greatness. There are many examples of three chord Bluegrass standards that have been enhanced by the addition of passing chords that open up opportunities for better and more exciting vocal harmonies. The sky’s the limit and this class could really open things up for our favourite music.

Sure, music theory is going to come into play but just like learning Math or any other subject, it doesn’t need to be complicated if you are taught to understand how to apply simple theory to simple tunes and songs. The process is taken one step at a time and the more you explore the possibilities, the deeper you will want to go with it.
This class is suitable for all instruments including singers.

More news on this as things develop. If you don’t want to wait, booking forms for Easter 2020 are available n the website, go for it, it’s a new world! Andy will be teaching again.

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