A chance to win £325.00 to cover the Sore Fingers Week April 2020 Event tuition

28th Nov 2019

IT’S BLACK FRIDAY! So, here’s a genuine Sore Fingers Summer Schools Special Offer:

Win £325.00 to cover the Sore Fingers Week April 2020 Event tuition fee.

The conditions are:
If our booking numbers for the 25th anniversary April 2020 Sore Fingers Week reach 150 in number by December 31st, 2019, we’ll draw out a winner from ALL deposit paid bookings received to date. The lucky booking will be credited with the full tuition fee of £325.00 leaving the winner with only their accommodation costs to find.
We need about another 50 or so bookings to make up the Draw Target Number. So, if you have already booked, don’t think you are powerless, tell a musician friend how good Sore Fingers Week is and encourage them to book up. You know they won’t regret it and there is always a chance they (or you) could win the prize.
Remember all existing bookings plus all bookings for the Sore Fingers Week April 2020 event received between now and Dec 31st, 2019 are eligible for entry into the draw from which we will pick one lucky winner.
It might be YOU!
A big THANK YOU goes to all who book early, it’s a great help as we have hire deposits, legal costs and other bills to pay far in advance of the event.
The draw will take place early in the new year.
Over to you and happy Black Friday!

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