Time to register for your scratch bands

4th Mar 2020

Well, we’re getting close to the celebrations. Just came to the realisation that Moira and I haven’t spent Easter Sunday at home since 1996. But, honestly, where would we have preferred to be? Nowhere else but Main Hall at Kingham Hill School to greet all you lovely people! I just wonder what we’d do with ourselves if we didn’t have to go…

Anyway, on with the business of the day. If you are intending to join a scratch band, a performing one if you want to take part in the student concert or a non-performing band to just learn to play in a group, then it’s time to get your names on the list.

Advance notification is really helpful and save the scratch band team a lot of time when they get to the school to organise you all into entertaining units!

And entertaining you are. Sore Fingers Week is one of the few camps that stage such a formal concert for the students and we are very proud of this part of the event. Year after year, we are all delighted by your achievements and the successive Concert CD’s we bear witness to this success. Our able sound engineer, Josh Clark will be doing the CD recording again and a link will appear on the website shortly to allow to pre-order your very own copy.

To register, just click on the menu link "register for scratch bands" on the left of this page.

Don’t worry, you can always change your mind and pull out later.

And if you want a bit more info, read the section about scratch bands on the “Experience” page of the website.

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