S. F..Week 2020

20th Mar 2020

As I’m sure everyone knows Moira and I are in the middle of re-scheduling the event.

We have in the last few days asked for people to be patient and allow us to get through the stages of this job.

This isn’t a five minute process. It involves lots of communication with the school, you the students, the tutors, re-booking flights, services etc, etc. A lot of the bodies we need to communicate with are in a similar situation making communication slower than usual. We are lucky to have achieved what we have in this short time.

We have both been glued to our laptops everyday for about ten days now and we've still got some way to go.

If you are reading this and haven't received our re-scheduling email, please contact us at either or

Please also note the text of the re-scheduling email has also been posted on the S.F. Website.

Finally, whilst we are monitoring Facebook more than usual, we will NOT answer specific questions here. Our email addresses are advertised on the website and on your booking forms. We'll be contacting all students as is appropriate in line with the process we have set out for managing the situation. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes to all and stay safe.

John & Moira

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