New Email Group for SFSS

30th Mar 2020

Hello folks,

From today, Monday 30th March, 2020, the former Sore Fingers Forum hosted by Yahoo groups will be discontinued.
At this present time, it’s absolutely vital for us to be able to communicate with the whole Sore Fingers fraternity easily and frequently. This new group will enable us to do that.

Yahoo have already deleted all the archive messages from the site and I am about to delete all the members data.

We have set up a new group with which is run by the person who ran “egroups” the platform we adopted back in 2001 and recommended to us by Dobro player and ex-student Lennie Harvey. The man witnessed what Yahoo did to his little project and decided the only thing was to start again with

It works pretty much the same as the old facility and messages are delivered direct to your personal inboxes and one new option is that we can join you automatically. So, you will have already received notifications and you don’t need to do anything, it’s ready for you to use. Please don’t unsubscribe just now, we have a lot of important things to tell you over the coming weeks as this situation evolves.

Finally, we had a small testing team (thanks to all of them) and there are a few silly messages already in the archive. You can look at those if you want though you’ll have to log on to see them. Once logged on, you can set your preferred options for how you want to receive emails and complete your personal profiles. Please note, aliases are not allowed as a display name. You can use anything you wish as a user name .

Hope you enjoy the new facility.

Best wishes

John & Moira

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