SFDSS Update 09/04/2020

9th Apr 2020


Normally this lovely weather would delight us and today we should have been driving a truck loaded with event gear to Kingham. Now we’ll miss anticipating the beginning, not just of Sore Fingers Week but of a whole summer season of festivals, picking weekends and social gatherings. Gloom? Well, maybe not altogether. The government have talked of “small green shoots” heralding recovery from the COVID-19 threat. It will not dissipate overnight but dissipate it surely will so let’s be ready for when it does.

We were prevented, due to the government imposed COVID-19 restrictions, from running the event as normal but after a monumental effort of negotiation and planning we can now confirm the event known as Sore Fingers Week Easter 2020 is rescheduled to run in December 2020.
The dates are:
Arrival Monday14th – Classes Tuesday 15th to Saturday 19th – Departure Sunday 20th.

Booking is still open but you will need to download the latest version of the booking form. We will continue to update the Web Site accordingly as things develop.
Don’t miss this opportunity to share in the unique 25th anniversary Sore Fingers Week brought about by adversity and rescued by good will and co-operation.

Special provision has been made for campers and caravans. There will be an indoor camping option for those who have booked tent accommodation and we can re-assure Caravan and Motorhome users that, although we cannot offer individual electrical hook-ups, we will make sure batteries can be re-charged as necessary. There is also the option of upgrading your booking to Dormitory Accommodation subject to price and availability. Arrangements are underway to replace tutors: Missy Raines – Bass, David Benedict – Mandolin, Rachel Eddy – Old Time Fiddle and Dede Wyland – Singing as sadly, they are not available for December but I’m sure instruction from their replacements will be every bit as enjoyable. More will be announced about all of this in separate instructions.

For those who have been asking about the 2020 October Weekend we have a contract in place to book the venue from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th October 2020. Staging this event will depend on restrictions being lifted and how the risk recedes. We may have to advertise it in a short time frame so, if you are interested please let us know so that we can get back to you the minute a decision is made. In answer to questions about Sore Fingers Week Easter 2021: All the effort we are putting in now is to ensure we are fighting fit in every sense when the new year and normality returns. As soon as is appropriate we will advertise the dates and line up.

Best wishes and stay safe
John & Moira

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