SFSS Email Group reconfigured to a mailing list

14th Oct 2020

After receiving feedback from a number of students, we have decided to reconfigure the Email Group to a Mailing List. This will limit the amount of traffic coming into your inboxes from SFSS.

still vital for SFSS to be able to contact all registered students whether booked or not about event updates, course information tutors and other general information. The list covers that requirement. You will not get showered with marketing emails and we will restrict our communications to those that really matter to you.
If you are booking with Sore Fingers for the first time, you will be automatically sent an invitation (registration is optional) and we strongly recommend you accept the invitation. Please note we do not use Facebook as a platform for official communications.
You can still reply to the list but we will review all messages and if they are considered in the general interest, then they will be sent to all list members.
We welcome comments, suggestions or ideas that will improve the Sore Fingers Experience.
In these difficult times, we need to keep you up to date as things are developing quickly in some areas albeit very slowly in others.
We hope you find this facility useful and that you will remain registered on the list.
John & Moira

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