30th Nov 2020


Hello everyone,
Yes, we miss you all and want you to know we are thinking about you constantly and thank you so much for your continuing support. It often feels like the threads connecting us all have been broken due to this pandemic nightmare. That needs fixing! We hope this helps.

With the end of the year approaching how better to re-engage than by launching an online advent calendar! We contacted lots of past and present tutors asking them to contribute a short video to be published daily form 1st December until Christmas Day.

On each day of Advent, we’ll release a new daily “treat” and a click link will be sent to you for access. Some contributions will educate you others will surprise you some you may have seen before but I’m sure all of them will delight you as they did us.

We’d like to thank the all tutors who have taken the trouble to put these short videos together. We know how difficult it is because Moira and I tried one ourselves AND FAILED MISERABLY. We’ll try to put that right before Christmas if we can, but then who wants to see our ugly mugs anyway!

We didn’t think we’d get the project off the ground when we started but we’re delighted by the response from the tutors who were only too pleased to contribute.

We hope these morsels of Sore Fingers Spirit will lighten the mood and help us look forward to when we can all meet again.

It starts up tomorrow morning December 1st and here’s your first link.

Very Best Wishes
John and Moira
And the SFSS Team

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