12th Jan 2021

With heavy hearts we must announce another postponement of the Sore Fingers Week 2020 event which should have run last Easter. Towards the end of November, we were optimistic about the vaccine coming out soon enough to be able to run it this coming Easter, but we now see that scenario is not going to materialise.

Our prime concern is to run a safe event but, with infections on the rise and the possible implementation of a lockdown until the end of March, it looks unrealistic to pursue trying to run it in April 2021. We therefore have no choice other than to postpone again.

The next possible scheduled dates will be in October 2021 when we in collaboration with Kingham Hill school can accommodate the event.

You have all shown an incredible amount of patience and have trusted us to see things through. We need to ask you now for a little more patience. We think that by October, enough people will have been protected by the vaccine and international travel restrictions will be lifted to allow our American friends to be with us to teach.

All students booked for the Easter 2020 Sore Fingers event will have their fees and bookings transferred to the October 2021 event.

Provisional dates are as follows and please note; teaching days will run Sunday to Thursday:

Sunday 24th October to Thursday 28th October 2021 inclusive. Arrival and departure days will, of course, be accounted for when negotiations are finalised.

Official dates will be confirmed soon, and more updates are to follow regarding tutors.

We remain totally committed to protecting everyone’s investments. All funds are safeguarded and, although the pandemic restricts our ability to trade at present, we are continuing to work on future developments.

We expect to be able to publish more optimistic news soon. In the meantime, we thank you most sincerely for your support.

Best wishes
John & Moira

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