16th Sep 2021

I had a timely conversation with our contact at Kingham Hill School a couple of days ago and as we are still waiting for many of you to let us know about your plans to attend the next re-scheduled Sore Fingers Week at Easter 2022, we have a new option.

The advertised dates are currently 18th to 22nd of April, 2022 but the school have suggested we run one week earlier from Monday 11th to Friday 15th, April (Arrivals Sunday 10th and departures, Saturday 16th).

This actually helps as we know that the national school holidays are out of step this year and these dates may allow people in education to attend.
It has also made it possible for Ned Luberecki and Becky Buller to attend as they had a prior commitment for the later week.

So, simple, we need to know what your position is as soon as possible.
Please delete the option below for each of the dates and where you cannot commit yet (perhaps you still have to clear holidays with your employer, etc), select T.B.A.

But we’d appreciate your commitment either way as soon as possible so we can establish how many will be attending and on which specific course.

Send an email to "" with the following text and your answers:

11/04/2022 to 15/04/2022: YES/NO/T.B.A
18/04/2022 to 22/04/2022: YES/NO/T.B.A.

Can you send a reply within 10 days please.

Every time we’ve had to postpone, it generates a huge amount of work to reset the records and get student feedback. The last postponement decision was made at our own initiative based on the risk of COVID infection. Despite there being no restrictions to prevent us from running we felt that putting 250 or more people at risk was a step too far and we firmly believe that by Easter 2022, the risks will be greatly reduced.

We look forward to hearing from you very soon and of course, with another change, there will be another tutor update as soon a they have all confirmed their availability.

See you all soon

John & Moira

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