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Sore Fingers Week 2019

22nd - 26th Apr 2019

As we approach a quarter of a century’s worth of Sore Fingers Weeks, enthusiasm for the event seems as strong as ever! We’ve come a long way since 1996 and Sore Fingers Week is firmly implanted in the annual calendar of acoustic music camps, a great achievement. The original aim was to offer a music camp worthy of its name on this side of the Atlantic and at the outset, we had little idea we could run an event that rivalled some of the best camps run over in North America.

Over the years, we have watched, listened and made changes that lead to improvements and been careful to not try and fix things that are not broken. Evolution, not revolution.

One thing that will never change is the determination to maintain high standards and bring along the best possible tutors we can. Sore Fingers Week 2019 will be no different and the tutor line up will be as exciting as ever! See the tutor list and news page to keep up to date with developments.

We strongly recommend you read some of the information available on this website and in particular “The Experience” page which will give you an overview of what happens during the week. As you will see, it’s a full programme and a useful read if you are thinking of coming for the first time.

If you are a little undecided about which course you should take, a new page has been introduced called “What Course Should I go On”. That will help you to decide whether to enrol onto a main class or choose a beginners level. But, don’t forget that Sore Fingers Week is about improving your skills and don’t be afraid to move up from your comfort zone, you need to be challenged!

On a practical note, we have been selling out of accommodation in recent years so early booking is highly recommended if you want to be sure to get what you want. And also, some courses book after than others.

Finally, whilst we have a presence on Facebook, we are actively trying to promote the Sore Fingers private email distribution list to put our students in touch with each other sharing our information with all and sundry! Want to know where the other Bluegrass/Old Time pickers are in your local area? Ask the Forum. Check out the forum page of the website to join and find out more.

We look forward to meeting you next Easter!

John, Moira and the Team

Classes and tutors

Class Tutor No. places
Autoharp Karen Mueller 20
Bass Greg Garrison 20
Banjo Greg Cahill 20
Banjo Jeff Scroggins 20
Dobro Greg Booth 20
Fiddle Alex Hargreaves 20
Guitar John Lowell 20
Guitar Grant Gordy 20
Mandolin Joe Walsh 20
Mandolin Andrew Collins 20
Old Time Banjo Travis Stuart 20
Old Time Fiddle Stephanie Coleman 20
Singing Keith Little 20
Beginner/Lower Intermediate Classes
Beginner/Lower Intermediate Mandolin/Guitar Charlotte Carrivick 20
Beginner/Lower Intermediate Fiddle/Dobro Laura Carrivick 20
Beginner/Lower Intermediate Banjo/Bass John Breese 20

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Please go to the booking page for full details on how to book your place.