SFSS 2020 Online Advent Calendar

Welcome to the Sore Fingers 2020 online advent calendar! First we must credit our good friend Mike Pryor for suggesting this. Great idea. Second, Moira and I wish to send a huge thank you to all the tutors who responded enthusiastically and sent in their video contributions. There's something for everyone and we hope you enjoy this bit of SFSS fun. A new video will be posted everyday up until Christmas day. We'll send you reminders. Don't want anyone missing out. If you want to send in comments, please respond to the reminder in our mailing list and we'll publish a compendium. Alternatively, you can post comments on the SFSS Facebook social page. Videos will available for viewing so if you miss one, you can watch them again. And this isn't private thing, share everywhere! Season's greetings! John & Moira.

Christmas Day/2

That's nearly all folks!

Christmas Day/1

Who's for a Sleigh Ride then?

December 24th/2

Becky takes you to an imaginary land with a little bit of help from Ned.

December 24th/1

Walking the Dog now has a completely new meaning! Watch for the sub-titles.

December 23rd/2

Missy captures the essence of Sore Fingers.

December 23rd/1

Should the dimensions round or flat? Well I guess it all depends on what you use them for.

December 22nd/2

A favourite carol sensitively played.

December 22nd/1

Matt, you shouldn't have nicked that lick!

December 21st/2

What is it with the Orange Guys?

December 21st/1

Take a walk (or a roll in the snow depending on where you are) and whistle this tune.

December 20th/2

Two thousand meters above sea level, must be high tea!

December 20th/1

Kathy's been smitten with one of our traditions and it looks like it's party time again.

December 19th/2

After this mornings frolics let's indulge in some fireside friendship.

December 19th/1

We sound like this when we can't remember the song, but we never manage to make as funny as this!

December 18th/2

Christmas music served up decorously as it should be.

December 18th/1

We've all seen many a strange thing, but you can always rely on Percy to come up with something even stranger.

December 17th/2

Thanks Brian - A tune just for us. We'll treasure it.

December 17th/1

Don't try this at home!

December 16th/2

Adding some gingle to an old time classic!

December 16th/1

Food fight? That's nothing compared to the battle of Veritas Heights!

December 15th/2

There's nothing more authentic than Reischman playing Reischman.

December 15th/1

Ever wondered why John's playing is so smooth? I think it's something to do with a magic box

December 14th

Neopolitan leanings suspected here.

December 13th

Get ready for a Dickensian tale adapted to the world of Bluegrass.

December 12th

If you like window shopping here's some heady hardware to haunt you.

December 11th

Poor Ben shouldering the burden yet again!

December 10th

No Grandma in the whole world could resist this Dasher, could they?

December 9th

Is Chris practicing for his next role as Santa?.

December 8th

Jeff brings a bit of factual history to the table along with a ripping banjo tune.

December 7th

Just to bring you back up gently from the weekend, just listen in silence and bathe in this tune.

December 6th

It's Sunday Morning, time to slow down after a frantic week. This man knows exactly how to bring in a day of rest.... Sing it to us Joe Newberry.

December 5th

Always ready to share Tyler Grant can't resist passing on his considerable skills. Who can resist the impulse to join in!

December 4th

We hope Erynn Marshall and Carl Jones were in a nice warm place to record these two tunes, perfectly executed as we would expect. Watch the end credits for what to do next!

December 3rd

Mr Cahill did us proud yesterday. Real Gent!
The ancient art of vibrato it may well be. Mike Pryor claimed in this video that S.F.Week started in 1898. I feel ancient!

December 2nd

Good start yesterday! Mr Booth has more to follow so keep linking.
Here's a different Greg, Greg Cahill: No Snow? No Techno? No worries, just feel that SOREFINGERS VIBE!

December 1st

Greg Booth's short video to get you going!

That's the end