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Sore Fingers messageboard SFSS will continue to communicate with you mostly by direct emails but in cases where we need to send out general announcements to all parties, we will use the email group. This new facility replaces the now defunct Yahoo Groups. The group also allows students to communicate as all posted messages are visible to anyone registered to the group. SFSS will send out invitations to anyone booking for a course and you are strongly advised to accept and join to avoid missing vital announcements.

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Download Instructions for joining the email group

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Aside from formal communications, the group can be a lively place to exchange views about music making, relating personal experiences from previous events and general contributions to the S.F. community and more light hearted exchanges. Do read the group guidelines understand your responsibilities before posting messages.

The site is operated by "" and moderated by SFSS. It is entirely private and not visible to anyone not registered and you will not find it from a general internet search.

  • The group cannot be found by searching, neither is it listed in the directory.
  • You will not see distracting adverts appear on the site.
  • Only registered members can post and see messages or site content.
  • You are only required to provide your name and email address, no requirement to register for an account with a third party.
  • You use your own email address and messages are sent direct to your inbox.
  • You can leave the group at anytime.
  • You have options on how to receive messages.
  • The group is moderated by John and Moira Wirtz and you can contact them by sending an email to this address:

    It takes a few minutes to join, just click the link below and this will redirect you to the joining page. Enter your "display name" and "email address" in the format shown below.

    John Wirtz(space)<>

    To post, just send a message to and you are done, it's that simple. Make sure "" is in your safe list of email addresses to prevent messages being filtered into your spam folder.

    You can visit the group online, start reading messages and posting them by going to the group website and login in using your email address and password (if you haven't selected a password, the system will prompt you to):

    Once your application is approved, you can add some detail to your profile. You can add a photo and a signature if you wish. It's useful to know your general location, so please add Town, County/Region and Country of residence. That is the exent of the personal information held on the system.

    Group Email Addresses,

  • To post a message:
  • To unsubscribe:
  • Contact the moderators: Group Owner:
  • Why do we prefer the forum to social media?

    Until a few years ago and before Facebook existed, the forum was a lively place where students, tutors and the SFSS team could exchange messages about the event. Subject matters covered all sorts of general issues from such as "what is Sore Fingers Week like?" to "Are there any other Bluegrass and Old Time musicians in my local area".

    There were also meaningful debates about the finer points of the music without any sign of animosity or ill feeling.

    We beleive Facebook serves a different purpose. It's designed to bring individuals into contact socially. We will continue to run the SFSS Social page on Facebook which lets students communicate informally.

    The email group is a managed email system which is under the control of the moderators and protects the user's privacy and also prevents abuse and mis-behaviour by those with bad intent

    The major benefit for SFSS is that we are able to contact every registered member with a single message delivered directly to their email inboxes.

    The main advantages are:

  • It's private and only registered members can post messages
  • Messages are sent directly to your email inbox, no need for you to log onto a website.
  • Content is controlled and, as a consequence, is targeted and specific. What you get is more than likely of interest to you.
  • It also serves as a way to send global notifications about Sore Fingers Events in situations where our normal email system fails.
  • It is not traffic heavy, last year, about 170 messages were posted to the site.
  • You have control over what you receive (see the delivery options in the instructions).
  • There is an area to upload files, photos, etc. (this could build into a useful resource).
  • It is our intention to use this forum more widely in future so we strongly recommend you join.

    We thank you for your copperation