SFSS Sales

Occasionally, we have items to sell. This can range from the Student Concert CD, left over tutor merchandise Concert or festival tickets.

NEW Range of SFSS Fashionable Clothing!

'Two out of three ain't bad' sang Meatloaf - yes, I know its not bluegrass and Bill Monroe would turn in his grave... But now you can get the remaining tick and complete the set! Sore Fingers has a new Merch shop and its open for business at:

Sore Fingers Merch Shop

Use the link to buy a t-shirt, sweatshirt or cap in your favourite colour and embroidered with the Sore Fingers logo. All profits from sales will go to help fund places at Sore Fingers for young musicians wanting to learn and move bluegrass and old time music ever onwards. They're the future and its up to us to support them. . Orders can be placed at any time, but to get yours delivered for collection at Sore Fingers Week, order by 27th March to get it time to wear during the week. Order by April 3rd for delivery on the last day of S.F.Week. Unfortunately, the site is not able to take orders from overseas at present. If you live in Europe or North America and want to place an order, please email us john@sorefingers.co.uk with your choice of product, size and colour and we'll do a manual order. Same deadlines apply if you wish to collect at Sore Fingers Week. Bill Monroe would buy a few...

We'd like to extend our thanks to Derik Palmer for helping Sore Fingers Summer Schools to set this new facility up. The shop will be open throughout the year so you can now buy SFSS Christmas and birthday presents at the drop of hat, no pun intended!

Student Concert CD 2023

SFSS: Kingham Hill School

The Sound Production crew are geared up to record the student Concert Performances and create both a professionally packaged double CD AND for the first time ever, a download (in MP3 or high-resolution formats). An absolute treasure if you joined one of the performing bands and took part in the Student Concert and an equally precious even if you didn' take part. It's the only bit of live memerobilia one can take away from Sore Fingers, the rest stays in your mind to gently fade over the years. Buy the recording, and you can relive those memories in an instant! The Sore Fingers Student Concert is available on Double CD at a cost of £17.50 including worldwide shipping, or as a download at £12.50, and will be ready to send around mid May 2023. Pre-order now to ensure we press enough CD copies.

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