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Editor Trevor Hyett

We’ve created it to promote past and present tutors and their Sore Fingers experiences. We’re into our third decade of providing what is undeniably a world class bluegrass and old time music camp…and that’s just the view of those US Tutors who have extensive experience of the best the US can offer.

In these pages, we will feature interviews with tutors; reviews of tutor CDs (and student CDs where appropriate); Tutor touring news as well as students’ Sore Fingers experiences and stories

I, Trevor Hyett, will manage the content so contact me at tmhyett@gmail.com with any thoughts, ideas, contributions and/or photographs.

I look forward to hearing from you.

By John Wirtz. 25th Jun 2018

Sore Fingers…In The Beginning…
By . 25th Jun 2018

Gemma meet Sarah…Sarah meet Gemma
By . 30th May 2018

What's Not To Like? Doesn't Everyone Come Back?
By . 21st May 2018

By Trevor Hyett. 18th Mar 2018

Midnight Skyracer Fire CD Review
By Trevor Hyett. 15th Mar 2018

By Trevor Hyett. 7th Mar 2018

FLETCHER BRIGHT - A Perfect Southern Gentleman
By John Wirtz - Photo: John Boston. 4th Jan 2018

Welcome to The Features Department of the SORE FINGERS website
By Editor: Trevor Hyett. 22nd Feb 2017