Sore Fingers messageboard Sore Fingers students can stay in touch using a messageboard/mailing list provided within Yahoo Groups.

The forum is a lively place where the students put their suggestions for tutors, improvements or just debate all subjects relating to bluegrass and old time music.

We also allow members to post any message relating to music, gigs, festivals, instruments for sale etc. Although this is not the place to sell your old fridge!

You need to become a member to be able to post messages. We approve all member applications to keep out spammers and we ask you to provide us with a minimum of detail to identify you as a bona fide applicant.

Please provide your name, town, city and country of residence and perhaps what your specialist interest is (e.g. banjo, bluegrass music).

Sore Fingers Messageboard

Instructions for joining the forum and creating a yahoo acount

Why do we prefer the forum to social media?

Until a few years ago and before Facebook existed, the forum was a lively place where students, tutors and the SFSS team could exchange messages about the event. Subject matters covered all sorts of general issues from such as "what is it like?" to "Are there andy other Bluegrass and Old Time musicians in my local area".

There were also meaningful debates about the finer points of the music without any sign of animosity or ill feeling.

We beleive Facebook serves a different purpose. It's designed to bring individuals into contact socially. We will continue to run the SFSS Social page on Facebook which lets tutors and students communicate informally.

The forum, however, is a managed email system which is based on the internet and the only people who monitor traffic are we who manage the site. We can control spam, bad behaviour, and we can protect you from these things too.

The major benefit is that of privacy and restricted to members only. So, when we send a message, it goes straight to your inbox, you know it's genuine and theres no need to log in.

The main advantages are:

  • It's private and only registered members can post messages
  • Messages are sent directly to your email inbox, no need to log in.
  • Content is controlled and, as a consequence, is targeted and specific, what you get is more than likely to interest you.
  • It also serves as a way to send global notifications about Sore Fingers Events in situations where our normal emails fail like they did recently.
  • It is not traffic heavy, last year, about 170 messages were posted to the site.
  • You have control over what you receive (see the delivery options in the instructions).
  • There is an area to upload files, photos, etc. (this could build into a useful resource).
  • It is our intention to use this forum more widely in future so we strongly recommend you join.