New Year Update

1st Jan 2023

A Happy New Year to One and All

Warm thanks to all you lovely people who continue to support Sore Fingers through these peculiar times. Moira myself and the Team wish you all A Healthy Wealthy Happy New Year.

We are now counting down the days and – did you know? – its less than 100 days until we’re back at Kingham. So, let’s start the season with a bang and look forward to one of the best musical experiences of the year.

Bookings are coming in at a steady pace so please keep them coming!

The Banjo players have rallied fast as usual, and we already have enough for one full banjo class but don’t worry, we are talking to one or two other Banjo Tutors from North America so keep the bookings coming and we’ll announce the new Tutor shortly. Once we’ve announced the second tutor, all banjo students will be offered the option to choose which tutor they wish to go with.

As you might have guessed all the single rooms are now fully booked but there are currently 2 or 3 twin rooms available for those willing to share with a friend if they are quick to book.

There is plenty of shared dormitory accommodation still available and of course there are the alternatives of: bringing a caravan; camper; or tent; or there are several B&B’s and small hostelries nearby where you can book “off-site” accommodation. You can still book individual meals at the school to go with these alternatives for the time you are on site.

If you have deferred your booking from 2022, please get in touch as soon as possible to register for the 2023 event.

It’s probably time to start thinking about registering for a Scratch Band which you can do quite simply by filling in an online form. Please try to register in advance as this really saves the scratch band team a lot of time.

See the menu link “Register for Scratch Bands” to open the form. It is password protected.
Login: is as follows:
User: “members23”
Password: “SBRFEs23”

If you are coming for the first time and don’t know what we are blithering about, please check the “Experience” page of the website and the sections headed Scratch bands, Student Concert and Non-Performing Scratch Bands”. All is revealed by clicking the “The Experience” item on the left hand menu

Finally, if you can’t wait that long there’s loads of great videos of tunes and songs by our 2023 tutors. To get you started, I thought I’d share this one with you. It’s Mark Stoffel, one of our mandolin tutors with a tune he wrote called “Shadowbands”. Absolutely lovely and features Gina Furtado on Banjo. .

We look forward to seeing you in April and keep watching for updates.

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