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Singing by Judy Spindler

As a Sore Fingers novice Bluegrass singer, I had a truly memorable six days (was it really only six days???). My emotions and feelings ranged from sheer terror to sheer ecstasy.

Sheer terror: having to sing solo in front of Kathy Kallick and the class. I don't think anything in my life will ever be as terrifying as that experience.

Sheer ecstasy: for me there were so many wonderful moments and here are just a few of them:- The impromptu concert on the Saturday night performed by Joe Mullins, Kathy Kallick, Stuart Duncan, Sally Van Meter, Matt Flinner, and Steve Mazillius. As Chris Moreton so aptly remarked, "I think I've died and gone to heaven".

Brian Bowers' virtuoso performance in his autoharp dip-in. He treated his small audience to an hour of wonderful music � two of the songs were so hauntingly beautiful they reduced me to tears.

Chris Moreton's slow jam session when he was asked to play "The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba". And then we were treated to a second rendition in the Tutors' Concert!

The unaccompanied song Kathy Kallick sang to her class on the last morning. She hardly ever sings 'a cappella' so we were very honoured.

The Tutors' Concert was three hours of sheer professionalism, outstanding talent, musicality and fun. I don't think I will ever attend a better concert.

I should also like to thank all the organisers for bringing together so many world class tutors. They were all such knowledgeable yet modest and unassuming people that it was a real pleasure to meet them.

I now know why my husband Alan had such a good time last year at his Sore Fingers Summer School and why he wanted me to come too. I hope this will be the first of many visits for me.

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